Thursday, July 26, 2018

Grass: Nature's Carpet

What on earth would anyone do without tutorials? Of all the trial and error and tutorial taking I've done thus far, grass has to be the easiest. I've created a nice grass from scratch, first using Maya to create the geometry and UVs, Photoshop to hand paint the blades/tufts, then a nice material with wind properties in UE4. The result is quite nice, and the overdraw is not bad at all! An astute individual shared his findings online concerning overdraw, and it turns out that while more polygons alleviate overdraw, polygon rich foliage noticeably impacted frame rate negatively, while acceptable levels of overdraw did not. My only regret in hind sight is the amount of transparency on the tree branch cards, I could have trimmed them quite a bit at the cost of a few extra triangles, but as it stands the computational impact is still low.

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